Natalia Aguirre VillalobosGraduate Student

Natalia Aguirre Villalobos is a first-generation, immigrant scholar pursuing a Master of Science in Human Ecology. She is interested in the prioritization of mental and emotional wellness within education and work environments. More specifically, she wants to work directly with youth and young adults navigating these established systems in order to teach them to prioritize, demand, and create healthy boundaries and expectations. Understanding that this society’s youth are the next generation of leaders, innovators, and policy makers, Natalia hopes to learn the best practices to model to young professionals so they are encouraged to create the next generation of jobs with human wellbeing as a core value.

Education and Relevant Experience

Natalia received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts: Radio, Television, & Film and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She is a graduate of both the Information Technology Academy (ITA) and PEOPLE program. Throughout her undergrad, she worked at ITA as a technology instructor, which led to her passion for working with youth and young adults navigating their futures. She currently works for Software Training for Students (STS) – a free UW-Madison service that helps students become more technologically literate – where she supervises about 20 student trainers. She intends to directly apply the knowledge and insight she gains from her MS program to the work practices and culture fostered at STS.

Portrait of Natalia Aguirre Villalobos, a Latine woman smiling with dark brown hair, a blue shirt, and wooden earrings.

Degree Program

  • MS Human Ecology


Phone: 608-469-9478