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My research centers on white children’s racial identity development within the context of liberal, “antiracist” white parenting. In particular, I am interested in: 1) how white children begin to understand themselves as racialized actors amidst a growing acknowledgement of the importance of talking about race among white families, 2) the ways in which white children’s racial consciousness is constructed, and 3) the role white children play in their own socialization. I am also interested in the ways in which white children’s racial socialization occurs across contexts (such as school and home) and how those contexts interact to inform racial consciousness and motivate behavior. As part of this research, I aim to further understand the development of a healthy, positive white identity committed to racial justice.

Awards and Recognition

  • SRCD Graduate Student Travel Award, Society for Research in Child Development, 2023
  • Student Research Grants Competition, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2023
  • SCRA Student Research Grant, American Psychological Association, 2022
  • Bridget & James Coffin Fund for Family Advocacy, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2022
  • Master’s Thesis Award, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2022
  • Outstanding First Year Student Award, Human Development and Family Studies, 2021
  • Advanced Opportunity Fellowship, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2020
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  • Human Development & Family Studies

Degree Program

  • PhD Human Ecology: Human Development & Family Studies


  • MS, Human Development & Family Studies, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • MEd, Elementary Education, Rhode Island College
  • BA, Sociology, Johns Hopkins University