Joshua BrownPostdoctoral Research Associate

I am a social psychologist interested in understanding groups processes and intergroup relations in both basic and applied settings. In particular, I study what motivates people to identify with groups, self-uncertainty, and identification’s effects on behavior, cognition, performance, and health. I am especially interested in applying research findings to higher education, including classroom management, retention, student success, and pedagogy. I also examine groups processes’ effects on health and in politics.

Selected Publications

Brown, J. K., & Hohman, Z. P. (2022). Extreme party animals: Effects of political identification and ideological extremity. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 52(5), 351-362.

Brown, J. K., Hohman, Z. P., Niedbala, E. M., & Stinnett, A. J. (2021). Sweating the big stuff: Arousal and stress as functions of self-uncertainty and identification. Psychophysiology, 58(8), e13836.

A white man smiling, with brown hair, wearing a tan jacket and black and white button down shirt.


  • PhD, Experimental Psychology, Texas Tech University


Office: 4173 Nancy Nicholas Hall

Phone: 801-691-3868