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My research interest is in the dynamics of families’ financial and economic decision-making processes and related issues, such as employment, financial, and social well-being of family members. My goal is to improve individual and family well-being and reduce inequalities through evidence-based workplace and government policies.

I am currently conducting research related to family caregiving and its association with family caregivers’ employment, well-being, and access to social insurance, such as paid family leave and social security benefits. I believe that families with both time and resource constraints often face an array of social and economic issues that could increase their risk of living in poverty. Working-age households often consider caregiving provided by family members an important safety net and a family adaptive strategy to address these constraints. Therefore, access to and availability of friendly work-family policies are needed and important to foster family well-being and boost productivity.

I graduated with a BA in economics from Pannasastra University of Cambodia. I was a recipient of the Erasmus Mundus scholarship and earned a joint master’s degree in Economics of Globalization and European Integration from the University of Lille, France; University of Antwerp, Belgium; and University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic.

My personal and academic background has exposed me to the culture, traditions, and socioeconomic differences of my associates. The opportunities to connect with individuals of differing cultures and socioeconomic statuses allowed me to glimpse the differences in family and individual decision-making processes across persons of the same culture or country, ultimately driving me to pursue the field of consumer science and family economics. This experience shows how individuals’ relationships with their families may have shaped their perspectives about the market and subsequent economic and financial decision-making.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Robb, C., & Chy, S. (2023). Undergraduate financial knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors: The impact of financial life skills course on college students. Financial Planning Review, 6(1), e1155.

Chy, S. (2023). Emerging Adulthood: Impacts of Adult Care on Education, Work, and Well-Being. Emerging Adulthood, 11(5), 1106-1118.

Professional photo of Somalis Chy in front of 100 Women Wall.


  • Consumer Science

Degree Program

  • PhD Human Ecology: Consumer Behavior & Family Economics


  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Economics of Globalisation and European Integration, University of Lille (France), University of Antwerp (Belgium), and Prague University of Economics and Business (Czech Republic)
  • BA, Economics, Pannasastra University of Cambodia




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