Rudy DieudonneGraduate Student


Rudy Dieudonne is currently a Ph.D student within the department of Design Studies at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. He has a strong background in architectural design, where he specializes in the design of educational facilities. His current research investigates the neurological effects of the standard classroom environment (acoustics & lighting) on primary school students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Education and Relevant Experience

Rudy Dieudonne entered this Doctoral program after completing a few years of professional practice as an architectural designer. Prior to entering the industry, he received his Master of Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida.

Portrait of Rudy Dieudonne, a man smiling, with low-cut black hair, wearing a grey jacket, white shirt, and off-white pants.


  • Design Studies

Degree Program

  • PhD Human Ecology: Design Studies