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Endang FourianalistyawatiPhD Student, Human Development & Family Studies


Endang is interested in the well-being of pregnant women, particularly high-risk pregnant women who live in Indonesia. A high-risk pregnancy on its own may even cause death and Endang intends to examine the role of mindfulness-based intervention on pregnant women’s well-being. Her research focus has been in the field of mindfulness and transpersonal psychology since she was in her master’s program. Some of her previous research was concerned with pregnant women who reported stress and unsupportive family issues, and deterioration in quality of life of pregnant women who had depression. This eventually enhanced her interest in mindfulness related to the psychological conditions of pregnant women and their families. Regarding this, she joined Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) program since 2017 and eventually become the first MBCP Teacher Trainer in Indonesia under supervisory of the MBCP’s founder, Nancy Bardacke, RN, MA, CNM.

Endang is currently an MBCP Intern at UW Health Mindfulness, a graduate researcher at the Center for Healthy Minds, an AWARE lab member, and an MBCP researcher of the MBCP Foundation.

Education and Relevant Experience

Endang pursued her undergraduate program under the faculty of Psychology, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia (2003). Her master’s program was taken at faculty of Psychology (study in Clinical Psychology), Universitas Gadjah Mada (2007). Before working in YARSI (since 2008), she was recruited at Crisis Center for Aceh Tsunami of Universitas Gadjah Mada. She campaigned for the concept and the importance of “psychologists” and “Mental Health programs” to Aceh people and local health institutions and built networks and a referral system with barrack care units, primary health care, health clinics, hospitals, and international NGOs with the team. This initiative later led the government to appoint clinical psychologists in Primary Health Cares in Indonesia. She provided psychotherapy to local people while developing an integrated health referral system in hospitals and, also designed psycho-educational trainings for teachers, religious leaders, and the Department of Health staff. At Universitas YARSI, she taught undergraduate courses, such as: Health Psychology (2008-2015); Psychodiagnostics II: Observation Method (2008-2017); Mental Health (2007-2017); Counseling Psychology (2014-2016); Psychotherapy (2016-2017). She also conducted some transpersonal and mindfulness research and social service programs which particularly provided mindfulness-based intervention for pregnant women for various social groups and entities including the women and children’s community, primary health cares staffs and patients, primary and secondary schools. She implemented the knowledge she gained about these topics to advocate and inform citizens on the importance of mindfulness for the entire life cycle. Furthermore, she also has experience as first head of YARSI HIV/AIDS Care. She initiated the institution which focused on the teenagers problems of health reproduction, and built network with other HIV/AIDS institutions who had the same concern. She was also vice dean of the Psychology department at the Universitas YARSI (2013-2015) and managed the research program in faculty and university.

Currently, she is a graduate student in the department of Human Development and Family Studies under the School of Human Ecology, with Dr. Larissa Duncan as her advisor. She is also an MBCP Intern at UW Health Mindfulness, a graduate researcher at the Center for Healthy Minds, a lab member of Dr. Duncan’s Awareness, Well-being, and Resilience for Equity (AWARE), and an MBCP researcher of the MBCP Foundation.

Awards and Recognitions

Certified Lecturer from The Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia |2013

The Most Cheerful Lecturer | 2017

Activity: Faculty of Psychology, Universitas YARSI, 10 years Birthday Award Event | 2017

Fulbright scholarship, STAR Award

Posters and Presentations

Fourianalistyawati, E. (2019, Fall). Dispositional Mindfulness and Partner Relationship Quality as Predictors of Depression in Pregnant Women in Indonesia. Poster presented at the 2019 UW Women’s Health and Health Equity Research. Madison.

Fourianalistyawati, E. (2019, Spring). Dispositional Mindfulness and Partner Relationship Quality as Predictors of Pregnant Women’s Quality of Life in Indonesia. Presented at the 2019 4W Initiative Summit. UW–Madison

On Going Book Chapter:

Fourianalistyawati, E. (2020). Mindfulness: Awareness training to enhance mental health during pandemic. Book Chapter of Mental Health during COVID-19: on press.

Fourianalistyawati, E. (2020). Pregnant Women in Indonesia: Mindfulness to Enhance Psychological Wellbeing. Book Chapter of Mental Health: on press.

Listiyandini, R. A., & Fourianalistyawati, E. (2020). Resilience and Mindfulness. Book Chapter of Mental Health: on press.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant, HDFS 362, Development of the Young Child

Degree Program

  • Human Development and Family Studies Graduate Program



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