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I am a first-year graduate student in MS Human Ecology at the School of Human Ecology. I am very interested in studying psychology and family, as well as community resilience. After working as a peer counselor in a mental health and education startup in Indonesia called Satu Persen for almost three years, I want to improve the quality of family education, as well as community prevention programs, in Indonesia. I understand that the lack of comprehensive family education and prevention is one of the reasons why family problems in Indonesia, ranging from mental health issues to domestic violence, keep happening. Upon graduating, I hope to implement programs that can help families and communities in Indonesia be more resilient, happy, and mentally healthy.

I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology (S.Psi) from Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia in 2019. My undergraduate thesis entitled “A Study between Mothers with Different Children’s Sex Constellation on Their Gender Role Attitudes and Toy Preferences in Jabodetabek Area” tries to understand the roles of gender role attitudes and mothers’ preferences when giving toys to their children. Throughout my undergraduate years, I was involved in numerous projects and communities related to mental health as a facilitator, contributor, and writer.

After completing my undergraduate studies, I pursued a career in writing content about mental health and education, where I finally found my passion in educating through my writing. I have written and created more than 400 videos on Satu Persen’s YouTube channel.

Awards and Recognition

  • Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education Scholarship from the Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia, 2022

Selected Publications and Presentations

Oral presenter at Psychology from the East, Psychology from the West International Conference (PEWIC), Jakarta, Indonesia, 2022 — “A Study Between Mothers with Different Children’s Sex Constellation on Their Gender Role Attitudes and Toy Preferences in Jabodetabek”

Oral presenter at the International Conference on Education and Psychological Sciences (ICEPS), Seoul, South Korea, 2018 — “Correlation between Self-Esteem and Loneliness in Adolescents: A Study in Students from Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia”

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Degree Program

  • MS Human Ecology


  • BS, Psychology, Universitas Indonesia



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