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Xiangchen LiuPhD Student, Consumer Behavior & Family Economics


Xiangchen is interested in the interaction between economics and psychology, as well as in family economics and personal finance. In particular, she plans to study consumer decision-making and consumer financial behavior focusing on how government programs can change consumer decisions and behaviors. Xiangchen works as a Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate Consumer Science course, “Advanced Consumer Analytics.”

Education and Relevant Experience

Xiangchen graduated with a BA in Business Administration from Shandong University in China. She completed her master’s degree in Economics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison before joining the Consumer Science department at the School of Human Ecology.

During her master’s studies, she worked as a Research Assistant for Professor Sheldon Du in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, where she assisted in projects about the agricultural insurance market, futures market, and China’s energy market.

Degree Program

  • Consumer Behavior and Family Economics