Paula Louise OlsonMS - Human Ecology


Paula is interested in transitions of complex systems. She studies human ecology and design strategy to evaluate and facilitate creative, collaborative redesign and development of processes that support meaningful shifts. Her perspective is grounded in curiosity and a human centered approach, and of course, is influenced by the intersections of her identity. Engaging iteratively in understanding and leveraging her positionality to power in this world, from the personal to professional, she works to address inequities and support just progress. Paula loves narrative (books, tv, movies, podcasts… twitter), sharing meals with loved ones, and being outside with her dog, Bo.

Education and Relevant Experience

2021 – Design Strategy Internship and Citation Freelancer Epic Decade

2015 – B.S. Spanish Studies (language learning, theatre as political discourse, postmodernism), UMN Twin Cities, Universidad de Alicante/ CIEE, Fundacion de Ortega y Gasset Toledo

2015 – Kinesiology (5 years, pre-med), UMN Twin Cities

Teaching Experience

F2020-Present – Teaching Assistant, DS 341, Design Strategy for Transformation

Degree Program

  • MS in Human Ecology