Jennifer PutneyPhD Student, Human Development & Family Studies


Jennifer’s research interests include relationship formation and maintenance, methods of coping with stress, resilience, and dyadic reciprocity in intimate relationships. She is also interested in risky behaviors, their effect on relationship satisfaction, and individual well-being. Additional areas of interest include the use of contemplative practices to promote family well-being and the parent child relationship.

Education and Relevant Experience

Jennifer graduated with a B.S. from the School of Human Ecology’s Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2015. She is currently working in the UW Couples Lab exploring couples’ relationships in midlife as well as early adulthood and developing parenting program content for local schools. She has served as a teaching assistant in Couples Relationships and Parent-Child Relationships.

Her previous educator and curriculum development experience includes certification from the International Childbirth Association (ICEA), prepared childbirth and healthy newborn education for St. Mary’s and Columbia Hospitals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the ThinkFirst Foundation, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin Hospital’s Department of neurological Surgery

Awards and Recognition

The Department of Human Development and Family Studies named Jennifer as their Outstanding Graduating Senior for December of 2015, based on her academic achievement, leadership, community involvement, and personal accomplishments.

Degree Program

  • Human Development and Family Studies Graduate Program