Prerna RanaGraduate Student

I have a keen interest in studying grassroot institutions and community-based organisations, especially collectives. I want to adopt an interdisciplinary approach focusing on management, public policy, sociology, collective action, and social justice to study how collectives can effectively work as agents of change. My interests are centred on creating socio-economically just societies through participatory efforts in order to create sustainable democratic community institutions.

I completed my graduate studies in rural management in India. I have worked with rural grassroots communities in India on several socio-development issues like financial inclusion, sustainable livelihoods, gender empowerment, and building sustainable collectives. My work has helped me gain a nuanced approach toward development while working with various stakeholders like the government, non-governmental organisations, grassroots governance structures, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) organisations.

Professional photo of Prerna Rana in front of 100 Women Wall.


  • Civil Society & Community Studies

Degree Program

  • PhD Human Ecology: Civil Society & Community Research