Jill RileyDirector, Child Development Lab

I knew from the first time I set foot in an early childhood classroom my junior year in high school that this was going to be my life’s work. I am inspired every day by the teachers, children and their families, college students and colleagues that I am privileged to work with. I believe that learning is a life long journey and, all of us have the opportunity to learn new things every day. This is exciting and motivating to work in an environment that values that endless potential. It is my goal to share my passion for learning and help develop a foundation that will inspire others to build caring and compassionate relationships, and have the confidence to know and feel that they can learn anything and that learning is never ending and full of possibility. We just need to be open to “notice, wonder, explore and discover” new things.

Professional portrait of Jill Riley in front of a decorative window with bright colored glass circles and curved lines.


Office: 1301D Nancy Nicholas Hall

Phone: 608-263-4579