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Julia YoonPhD Student, Human Development & Family Studies


Julia is interested in early childhood development and prevention/intervention in the context of parent-child relationships. More specifically, she is interested in understanding the impacts of early childhood experiences, stressful events in particular, on children’s socioemotional development. She would also like to explore parental perception and emotional experience of parenting. Her ultimate goal is to help children and parents practice resilience by assisting parents to better understand and form healthy relationships with their children. Other areas of interest include stress and coping, and (co)parenting.

Education and Relevant Experience

Julia earned her MA in Child Development and Intervention from Ewha Womans University, Korea, and her BS in Biological Sciences at the University of Connecticut. Before pursuing her MA, she worked as a preschool teacher for three-year-old children at an English academy for preschoolers in Korea, where she became interested in studying child development. Julia also worked as a research assistant for parent education program development and evaluation at Ewha Womans University. Julia is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, working with Dr. Margaret Kerr.

Degree Program

  • Human Development and Family Studies Graduate Program