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Elizabeth Holloway Schar

Human Ecology Board of Visitors Chair Emeritus and All Ways Forward Human Ecology Campaign Committee Chair Elizabeth Holloway Schar (BS 1975 Family and Consumer Journalism) has deep roots in the School. Both parents graduated from UW-Madison, and Elizabeth’s mother, Jane Davies Holloway (BS 1945) and aunt, Elizabeth Carol Davies (BS 1938) earned degrees from the School. Her mom was “a thoughtful cook, who prepared nutritious meals, frugally and carefully prepared. I think she must have been the star student in bacteriology,” Elizabeth recalled. Reflecting on her college memories, “There was so much to do, so much to absorb. It was just an amazing experience.” A partner with husband Mark Schar in Three Points Solutions, a Palo Alto, California firm, Elizabeth feels the same way about her chosen career. “There’s so much to learn and participate in.” She has worked with such clients as the World Health Organization, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hospitals and public health agencies. Because of Elizabeth’s many and varied contributions that continue to affect the lives of others, and as a trusted advisor and exceptional advocate for Human Ecology, Elizabeth was named the 2016 SoHE Distinguished Alumni Award recipient. In addition to Mark, Elizabeth’s family includes two sons: Tom (2004 BA Art History; MBA 2011) and John.