Muted looping video montage at the School of Human Ecology: Close-up shot of the exterior of the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison building. The red and gold “W” crest is mounted on the tan stone building. “School of Human Ecology” gray lettering is mounted underneath the crest. The building is seen through a foreground of green leaves from a nearby tree. Next frame shows the exterior of the building in a wide shot. Students enter the building on a sunny day. Inside the School of Human Ecology building, students wearing masks enter into the lobby through glass doors. To the left of the lobby is an elevated section of the entryway with orange chairs and a front desk. Sitting on orange chairs, an academic advisor wearing a pink and purple tie-dye mask, white shirt, and beige cardigan talks with a student wearing a white mask and red sweatshirt. A hand holding a pencil moves a ruler. In a wider shot, a student in a gray UW–Madison sweatshirt draws a design at a workbench. An instructor in overalls supervises the student’s work. A student in an orange shirt slowly spins a mannequin wearing a light blue dress adorned with hand-sewn embellishments. Five students stand around a whiteboard with red writing on it as they collaborate on a project. In a classroom, students sit at tables. The students have laptops in front of them as they work on a group presentation. Panning view of a hallway in the School of Human Ecology building. The walls are adorned with red chair backs with donor names on them. Panning view switches to a large shelf filled with spools of threads in shades of brown, green, and blue. Ceiling of a classroom is shown with large, gray light fixtures shaped like flowers. The “Wall of Women” art installation in the School is shown. Portraits of notable women are displayed in red, yellow, green, and orange, circular, stained-glass frames that mimic leaves on multiple trees. Students sit around tables situated on the outdoor patio at the School of Human Ecology. Close-up frame shows three students talking and laughing at one of the patio tables. Back inside the building, a student wearing a Bucky Badger mask views art prints fastened to the wall of an exhibit. Wide shot shows three students wearing backpacks walking around the same exhibit. A student sits on a red and orange polka dot chair while working on a laptop. A large green mural is displayed behind her with swirls of orange, black, blue, and large marble circles. An aerial view shows another student reading on a bench in a hallway. Students in a classroom with yellow walls work at tables with their laptops.

Video by Sam Li

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