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Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies, BS

Ranked one of the top programs in the country, our Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies major blends business, analytics, and technology with creativity and empathy to power the global economy.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies (CBMS) provides students with the skills to innovate and lead a rapidly evolving industry that impacts consumers’ day-to-day lives. Experienced faculty inspire students to connect their personal interests and passions through hands-on coursework that prepares them for fulfilling careers in areas such as product development, merchandising and buying, consumer research and marketing, management and operations, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship. Leadership and professional development opportunities include internships, student organizations, business case studies, industry exploration trips, and study abroad.


Explore the world of commerce and technology from a people-first perspective. As a CBMS major you’ll learn to research, improve, and better understand the global customer experience with the support and guidance of the School’s faculty, a team of industry experts and researchers. Coursework integrates analytics and statistics with retailing, consumer science, and business courses.

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Careers in Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies

The School of Human Ecology’s CBMS graduates work for diverse and rapidly growing retailing companies around the globe. Technology and management jobs have been in high demand for several years and are only expected to continue their rapid growth.

Listen to an interview with Jerry O’brien, Executive Director, Kohl’s Center for Retailing, on why retailing is a smart career path.

Product Development
Marketing Management
Social Media/Community Management
Brand Management
Visual Merchandising
Fashion Marketing
Global Sourcing
Omnichannel Supply Chain Management
Sales/Account Management
Merchandise or Inventory Planning/Allocation
Consumer Behavior/Insights, Market Research
Data/Business Analysis
Retail Sales 
Store Operations
Entrepreneur/Business Owner
Community Involvement
Consumer Relationship Management
Consumer Advocacy

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Median National Salaries (U.S. Department of Labor)

$132230 Marketing Manager

$62120 Wholesale & Retail Buyer

$63230 Market Research Analyst