Closeup, cropped photo of red and white, felt lanterns in the Dorothy O'Brien Innovation Lab.

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Room of people, foreground is an adult holding a jar with green sample, a child inspects it with a magnifying glass.

Community & Nonprofit Leadership (BS)

Community & Nonprofit Leadership develops socially-conscious professionals who are prepared to change the world – across industries, organizations and communities.

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Group in a retail space with racks of clothes on the walls. Students sit around a table listening to a presenter.

Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies (BS)

Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies centers the consumer in a dynamic global marketplace for goods and services, leveraging behavioral science, business knowledge, creativity, and analytics to understand and improve the global consumer experience.

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A professor talks to a student in a classroom

Design Strategy Certificate

This eighteen-credit certificate in Design Strategy provides undergraduate students from all majors with a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to problem solving for strategic change. Using Design Thinking techniques and exploring the interconnections between people, built, natural, and financial environments, students will learn to put ideas into action and develop forward-thinking approaches to a variety of issues.

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An instructor holds a digital tablet while a small child points at it. They are sitting at a table with kids toys on it.

Human Development & Family Studies (BS)

Human Development & Family Studies examines development across the lifespan and prepares students for meaningful futures in areas such as healthcare, education, social work, counseling, business, and research.

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A student sorts through texture samples at a table in a workshop. There are saws and drills in the background.

Interior Architecture (BS)

Interior Architecture combines creativity and artist design, with social and physical sciences to provide students the knowledge and tools to design revolutionary spaces and people-center environments.

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Three students dressed in business attire sit around a table smiling. There are portfolios on the table.

Personal Finance (BS)

Personal Finance leverages economics, social sciences, and financial analysis from a people-centered perspective, developing financial experts who can help individuals and families live more financially secure lives.

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A student in front of shelves of colorful spools, holds and examines a brown spool.

Textiles & Design Certificate

The certificate in textiles and design allows students from any major to gain a fundamental understanding of the creative and innovative application of textiles and visual design. By nature, textiles are interdisciplinary, weaving together art, commerce, history, culture, technology, material culture, and science. Students will develop artistic and technical skills valuable for both pursuing a professional career in the textile industry and nurturing personal creative interests.

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Fashion design student sews beads onto a garment that is place on a mannequin.

Textiles & Fashion Design (BS)

The Textiles & Fashion Design Bachelor of Science program cultivates natural and learned artistic talents in fashion, textiles, and creative making to launch careers in design, art curation and the global fashion industry.

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