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Geraldyn R. McNichol Belzer

Geraldyn “Gerry” Belzer (1926-2012) (BS 1975 General Home Economics), moved to Torrance, California, with her husband, Burt Belzer (1926-2017) (BBA 1949 Marketing) following his graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After raising three sons, Gerry completed her UW-Madison degree and later earned a Certificate of Horticulture at University of California – Los Angeles. Her creative interests encompassed interior design, textiles, landscape design, and gardening. She served as a garden and landscape consultant at the Belzers’ company, TCI Precision Metals in Gardena, California. She also created pro bono landscape designs for friends as well as the Belzers’ Temple. Gerry was a founding member of the Torrance Chapter of the League of Women Voters and served in various roles in Torrance city government. At one time, the Belzer home served as a polling place for elections and Gerry was a poll watcher and participant in election activities.