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Jean Alford Myers

Jean Alford Myers’ (1921-2013) (MS 1947 Home Economics) husband, Phil Myers (1916-2006) (MS 1945 Mechanical Engineering; PhD 1947), and the couple’s five children joined in a gift to honor Jean through the 100 Women Campaign. The couple previously established an endowment enabling Human Ecology graduate students to attend professional conferences. Now, the 100 Women gift is one that will be long remembered. While raising her children, Jean hosted many holiday parties for her husband’s graduate students, many of them international students unfamiliar with U.S. traditions. These students became extended family and throughout her life Jean remained in contact with many of them around the globe. She also dedicated much effort to community needs, training to become an emergency medical technician and volunteering for years with the Shorewood Hills Emergency Medical Service. She organized the office of the Shorewood Hills Police Department, made costumes for the Madison Ballet Company and helped start the First United Methodist Church food pantry. Wherever Jean Alford Myers saw a need, she participated wholeheartedly in a solution.