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Lee McGann Kelly

A graduate of Human Ecology’s Preschool, Lee McGann Kelly (BS 1977 Child Development) can claim a lifetime of education at the School. A dedicated mother, Lee completed her degree after the last of her five children entered kindergarten. Over the next seven years, she attended classes, ultimately graduating with honors and fulfilling a promise made to her father.

As a returning adult student, Lee was an inspiring example to her children. “My kids knew I was studying and knew it was important. I wanted to show them that an education is worthwhile.” While a student, Lee completed an internship at UW Hospital, working in the nursery and classroom for school aged children. Guided by her compassion for children, she even provided bedside instruction. Lee continued volunteering at the hospital after completing her degree.

Along with her husband John “Jack” Kelly (BS 1955), Lee is delighted their gift to the 100 Women Chair in Human Ecology will support the school’s important initiatives, including those impacting children and families.