100 Women Wall of Honor
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Leola R. Culver

Leola R. Culver, proud mother of three daughters, developed her notable community presence as co-founder of the Culver Franchising Systems, Inc. and Culver’s Foundation. With firsthand knowledge of the hard work and dedication required to make every guest happy, Leola extended her influence and leadership to empowering others, working to foster responsibility, leadership, teamwork and growth through education as executive director of the Culver’s Foundation. Beyond her commitment to expanding the family business, Leola applied her many skills, leadership abilities and compassionate heart to helping organizations make a difference in their community, including the Sauk Prairie Hospital, the River Arts Center and Gio’s Garden, a nonprofit group dedicated to providing respite care for special needs children. The giving circle she helped to establish empowered women in the Sauk Prairie area to embrace the power of philanthropy and to witness its impact. Always a “human ecologist” at heart, Leola discovered a mutual interest in the School of Human Ecology’s mission to think creatively, solve professionally and act compassionately. Her gift establishing the Leola Culver Graduate Fellowship in Early Childhood Development ensures a lasting legacy of scholarship dedicated to the well-being of children and their families.