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Mary McDermott Strohmaier

Mary Strohmaier (BS 1980 Retailing) always knew she wanted a career in retailing. Her passion for marketing and merchandising evolved through her UW coursework, with an internship setting the stage for a rewarding career. Starting in the buying offices of Dayton’s in Minneapolis and then Gimbel’s in Milwaukee, Mary quickly adapted to the dynamic nature of the industry, honing her analytical skills to advance to senior level positions with Marshall Fields, Mark Shale, Jockey International and, finally, with the Everitt Knitting Company.

A desire to spend more time with her daughter, Sara (BS 2015 Personal Finance), and to give back to the community she loved, Mary traded the demands of retailing for rewarding volunteer roles with the Milwaukee Museum of Art and the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts.

Having joined the School of Human Ecology’s Board of Visitors in 2013, Mary and her husband, Carl, are enthusiastic about the school’s vision. “It’s an exciting time. The school’s initiatives, regarding families and leadership for example, are very relevant for the world today.” They are delighted to impact the school’s future through the 100 Women Chair in Human Ecology collaborative campaign.