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Funding Opportunities for the week of June 19-25, 2020

The Russell Sage Foundation (RSF) has long supported social science research with the aim of improving social and living conditions in the United States. In response to the crises of 2020, the foundation is dedicating its next funding cycle exclusively to research that seeks to improve our understanding of these extraordinary times. RSF will only accept letters of inquiry (LOI) relevant to one of RSF’s core programs, and which address at least one of the following issues: i) Research on the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting recession in the U.S; and ii) Research focused on systemic racial inequality and/or the recent mass protests in the U.S. Click here for the application guidelines. Letters of Inquiry (LOI) are due August 5, 2020.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has two upcoming deadlines for programs that may be of interest:
Community Interventions to Address the Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic among Health Disparity and Vulnerable Populations (R01 Clinical Trials Optional: PAR-20-237). This program supports projects that implement and evaluate community interventions testing 1) the impacts of mitigation strategies to prevent COVID-19 transmission in NIH-designated health disparity populations and other vulnerable groups; and 2) already implemented, new, or adapted interventions to address the adverse psychosocial, behavioral, and socioeconomic consequences of the pandemic on the health of these groups. Applications are due August 28, 2020.
Research to Improve Native American Health (R21 Clinical Trials Optional: PAR-17-464) and (R01 Clinical Trials Optional: PAR-17-496). This program supports exploratory developmental research to improve Native American (NA) health, including: conducting secondary analysis of existing data (such as databases that the Tribal Epidemiology Centers have collected); merge various sources of data to answer critical research questions; conduct pilot and feasibility studies; and/or assess and validate measures that are being developed and/or adapted for use in NA communities. Applications are due August 14, 2020.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Evidence for Action: Approaches to Advance Gender Equity From Around the Globe is a special call for proposals through its Evidence for Action (E4A) program and Global Ideas for U.S. Solutions. This program seeks to learn from programs, policies, and practices that are advancing gender equity around the world to understand how they can be adapted to improve health and well-being in the United States, and build a national Culture of Health. Award size ranges from $100,000 to $250,000 for projects up to 30 months in duration. Applications are due August 26, 2020.


The Fall 2020 NIH Regional Seminar will be held October 28-30 in Nashville, TN. The seminar and optional workshops are appropriate for those who are new to working with the NIH grants process – administrators, early stage investigators, researchers, graduate students, etc. This seminar is an opportunity to make direct contact with NIH policy officials, grants management, program and review staff, and representatives from the HHS Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP), HHS Office of the Inspector General (OIG), and others. In addition, take advantage of discussions involving more than 600 fellow attendees from around the world.

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