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SoHE News and Events: July 19-25

A vaccine against depression; the beginnings of “adulting”; and more.

Dr. Charles Raison describes the role of inflammation in mental illness
Charles Raison
Dr. Raison

“Inflammation turned out to be a common denominator and likely risk factor for every manner of psychiatric disturbance, from schizophrenia to obsessive compulsive disorder, from mania to depression,” SoHE’s Dr. Charles Raison wrote in a 2018 article for Psychiatric Times. Raison, the Mary Sue and Mike Shannon Chair for Healthy Minds, Children, and Families, and Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at SoHE, has long studied the relationship between mental health and the immune system. Just last week, that discussion was cited in a new article in Vice describing research into a vaccine to prevent stress, anxiety, and depression.

Dean Soyeon Shim on the financial graduation to “adulting”
Soyeon Shim
Dean Shim

A newly published study from the University of Arizona, which SoHE’s Dean, Dr. Soyeon Shim, coauthored, finds that college students’ money management habits while in school help to determine when those individuals feel they have achieved adulthood, with positive habits correlating with earlier self-identification of adult status. The multi-year study, profiled in Science Daily, found even higher rates of adult identification when participants’ romantic partners also had good financial habits.

More coverage of Camp Reunite

In case you missed it, last week’s article on Camp Reunite, an exclusive by the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service featuring moving video and photos, was picked up by more than a dozen other publications across Wisconsin. The Green Bay Press Gazette, Appleton Post-Crescent, Madison.com, La Crosse Tribune, and others all re-ran the story, which cited SoHe’s Dr. Julie Poehlmann-Tynan, the Dorothy A O’Brien Professor in Human Ecology and Professor of Human Development and Family Studies.