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Whelan’s Advice for New Graduates | Kirkorian Publishes Article on Toddlers and Media

Professor Whelan Shares Insight on Post-Graduation Questions

Christine WhelanIn a recent interview with channel 3 news, Clinical Professor Christine Whelan, Ph.D. explains the big questions new graduates should be asking themselves. She discusses the pressures of finding one “perfect job,” and instead urges new alums to focus on maintaining a “purpose mindset,” where one evaluates what matters most to them, why, and “how they can make it happen to have a positive impact on the lives of others.” This allows young adults to have more room to try new things, potentially fail, and try again from a new angle. Hear her ideas for engaging adolescents in a search for their values in the full interview.

Associate Professor Kirkorian Discusses Toddlers and Interactive Media in New Paper

Dr. Heather KirkorianAssociate Professor Heather Kirkorian, Ph.D., recently published her latest article regarding children and media. The article, titled “When and How Do Interactive Digital Media Help Children Connect What They See On and Off the Screen?” analyzes research on how toddlers learn from digital media, focusing on how they understand what they see on screen. Kirkorian concludes that interactive media, such as touchscreen mobile apps, can potentially enhance cognitive functions in toddlers, citing the need for the child to “decide on and generate appropriate motor responses.” See her full article in Child Development Perspectives, or download the .PDF here.