Exterior of Nancy Nicholas Hall in the evening, with lamps and windows glowing.
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SoHE News & Events: April 12-18

In Anticipation of Threads 2019

Threads: Point of Muse 2019 Show BannerIn a few weeks, the Madison Masonic Center will be hosting one of SoHE’s most beloved events Threads: Fashion Show. Threads is a yearly fashion show that showcases Textile and Fashion Design students’ various projects from the school year. Dubbing Helen Louise Allen as the ‘Point of Muse’ for students, students and faculty are celebrating Allen’s legacy as an educator and textile collector by dedicating the show to her. Since this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection, it is only fitting to honor her legacy which has served as inspiration for many student projects throughout the years.

For more information about the event, visit their site and read more about Threads here.