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After graduation, I started my dream job as a buyer for Dayton’s Department stores. I thoroughly enjoyed a twenty-year career in the ever-changing world of department store retailing maneuvering through mergers, the beginning of the technology age, and changes in consumer behavior. After leaving retail, I had the pleasure of working on the other side of the desk in wholesale sales, which eventually took me to my career at Department 56. This final step in my career put me in a variety of leadership roles, ultimately becoming President. At every step of the way, I called upon my experience with the School of Human Ecology, building on the fundamentals of human ecology to achieve a life of continuous learning and development.

Why do you care about Human Ecology?

The School of Human Ecology is a hidden gem within a fabulous university. I want to do my part to support the vision, growth and vibrancy of everything the school has to offer.

What excites you about your role as a member of the Dean’s Advisory Board?

The excitement starts with the Dean’s clear vision, the palpable energy of the staff team, and the wealth of knowledge and experience of the other members of the board. Sharing in the success of the students gives me hope for our collective future.

A petite brunette grandmother with glasses.


  • BS, Retailing '78, School of Human Ecology, University of Wisconsin–Madison

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