Wei DongAudrey Rothermel Bascom Professor Emerit | Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor Emerit

I specialize in design visualization and Asian design. Design visualization refers to the use of both manual and digital media to visualize buildings and their associated interior and exterior spaces. Several methods and applications are included in design visualization such as animation, modeling and simulation, and image generation and manipulation.

I am recognized as a leader in the integration of digital media into the environmental design process to stimulate creativity and improve visualization skills. I have published two books on the subject and am working on a third. In addition, my work combining manual rendering and computer graphics has been included in books by others on rendering. My work has also been presented in numerous gallery shows and presentations throughout the United States, as well as internationally. I have practiced interior design in both the U.S. and China and have won several design awards in international IDEC competitions.

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  • Design Studies