Carolee Dodge FrancisEcology of Human Well-Being Professor; Department Chair

I strive to intertwine my community engagement and research scholarship as a reflection of my cultural understandings within a contemporary context that is focused upon the well-being of Indigenous populations.

I have over 30 years’ work experience in community and public health, health education, program development, evaluation, curriculum adaptation, and qualitative and community-based participatory research within urban and rural American Indian communities nationwide.

For the last eight years, I have been one of four national Principal Investigators funded under the High School NIH-NIDDK (R25) Short Term Research Experience for Underrepresented Persons (STEP-UP) funding stream. I continue in this capacity, aiming to increase and strengthen the shortage of American Indian/Alaska Natives pursuing the fields of biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research in the areas of diabetes, endocrinology, metabolism, nutrition, and obesity.

I am a member of a global evaluation committee EvalIndigenous. This global committee focuses upon ensuring that policies and evaluation practices for Indigenous peoples are based on equity, fairness, and justice. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007) frames our work, moving from an evidence-based focus towards a shared global understanding of ethical and cultural practices for Indigenous peoples and our rights within the field of evaluation.


Dodge Francis, C., Bareng-Antolin., N., & Tran, K. (2019). Balancing cultural and science identity frameworks for American Indian/Alaska Native high school students: A summer research journey. Charlotte, NC, Informational Age Publishing. 169-187. ISBN: 978- 1-64113-605-1 & 978-1-64113-6075. (Book chapter).

Marquez, E., Dodge Francis, C., Gerstenberger, S. (2019). Where I live: A qualitative analysis of renters living in poor housing. Health & Place, 58 1-7.

Bowman, N., Dodge Francis C., (2018). Culturally responsive Indigenous evaluation and tribal governments: Understanding the relationship. New Directions for Evaluation, 159, pp. 17–31.

Dodge Francis, C., Chino, M. (2012). Type 2 diabetes science and American Indian/Alaska Native culture: creating a national K–12 curriculum prevention strategy for Native youth. Diabetes Spectrum Feb; 25(1): 23-25.

Classes Taught

  • Course number: CSCS 600: Course title: Community Issues and Action Capstone
Portrait of Carolee Dodge Francis, a Native American woman in a blue sapphire dress.


  • Civil Society & Community Studies

Degree Program

  • PhD Human Ecology: Civil Society & Community Research


  • National Indian Education Association
  • American Evaluation Association
  • Canadian Evaluation Society
  • American Public Health Association


  • EdD, Educational Leadership University of St. Thomas (Saint Paul, MN)
  • MA, University of St. Thomas (Saint Paul, MN)
  • BS, Communications, University of Minnesota


Office: 4151 Nancy Nicholas Hall

Phone: 608-262-0871