Brooke GodfreyTeaching Faculty

I specialize in design visualization, using a variety of techniques, media, and narrative to communicate designs and ideas. I’m a graduate from the School of Human Ecology, first with a degree in Interior Design, followed by a Masters of Fine Art in Design Visualization and Communication. My passion for art, design, and continual learning makes teaching in the Design Studies department a perfect fit. I thrive on my interactions with the students, and look forward to the discoveries, challenges and rewards that overflow in our department every semester.

Classes Taught

  • Course number: DS 222: Course title: Interior Design 1
  • Course number: DS 241: Course title: Visual Communication 1
  • Course number: DS 242: Course title: Visual Communication 2
  • Course number: DS 501: Course title: Visual Communication and Thinking
  • Course number: DS 501: Course title: Portfolio Preparation
  • Course number: DS 601: Course title: Internship
  • Course number: DS 624: Course title: Portfolio and Professional Practice
  • Course number: DS 626: Course title: Interior Design 5
  • Course number: DS 699: Course title: Independent Study


  • Design Studies

Degree Program

  • BS Interior Architecture


  • MFA Design Visualization and Communications, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • BS Environments, Textiles and Design, University of Wisconsin–Madison


Office: 3191A Nancy Nicholas Hall