Maria KurutzTeaching Faculty Emerita

I have developed my passion for fashion and fabrics from many angles and offer options into many areas of the Textile and Apparel Design field to my students.  As Lecturer for TAD since 2004, I am able to address the basics of design, fibers, fabric structures, garment and accessory construction and pattern-making in the courses I teach.

My blended experiences in the field as: design assistant, retail manager, corporate fashion coordinator, custom designer, fashion show coordinator, pattern-maker, and substitute K-12 teacher provide enriching background to that course content. I demonstrate to students how the topics learned in class can be applied to the many areas of design, while developing their own unique career path. I thoroughly enjoy teaching creative minds how to bring their ideas to life as beautiful and functional garments and accessories.

Portrait of Maria Kurutz, a white woman smiling, with brown hair, wearing a gray top, chunky necklace, and black pants.


  • Design Studies