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My two passions, retail and product development, have been at the heart of my professional career. I started out at Dayton Hudson Marshall Field’s buying office and from there led retail management and marketing services at Lifetouch Portrait Studios. However, I missed working with product and for the next 20+ years had executive leadership roles in product development, retail merchandising and global sourcing for multiple companies including Department 56 and Julia Knight Inc. The School of Human Ecology prepared me to excel at people-centered problem solving and design thinking. It also served me well when working with non-profit boards committed to elevating students and their families, communities, theater, and the arts.

Why do you care about Human Ecology?

Human ecology keeps people at the center of all discussions and I think human-centric leaders have the best chance of positively addressing the world’s complex issues.

What excites you about your role as a member of the Dean’s Advisory Board?

I hope to have a positive impact in helping to further the compelling vision Dean Shim has for Human Ecology’s future. It is exciting to think about working with the Dean’s Advisory Board to impact students experiences with the School of Human Ecology and prepare them for successful futures.

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  • Board Member, Project Success


  • BS, Retailing '83, School of Human Ecology, University of Wisconsin–Madison

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