Mark NelsonProfessor Emerit

My identity revolves around the intertwined roles of learner and maker. At the end of every day, I look back and cherish what I have learned, and as I begin each day I look forward to discovering something new. This way of life has led me down many paths, including my current role as a university professor. My students always teach me something new and provide an endless supply of insights.

Learning, however, is not enough, and I am driven to take what I have learned and make it into something, be it a building, an artwork, an organization, an article, or a musical composition. As a professor, I especially look for students who are drawn to learning and making, teaching through engagement and example with the hope that these students will go out and change the world. Through it all, I tend to see the world through the lenses of parody and humor.

Professional photo of Mark Nelson in front of 100 Women Wall.


  • Design Studies