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Kaitlyn PritzlPhD Student, Human Development & Family Studies


Kaitlyn is interested in the different factors that shape an individual’s development. Her work currently focuses on children who have experienced stress through the separation of a parent due to incarceration. She is involved in a project examining how children and families respond when given a tablet to video visit remotely with their incarcerated parent from the comfort of their home. Using the Bioecological framework, Kaitlyn aims to explore how different contexts interact to influence the child. She is especially interested in family attachment relationships and the proximal processes involved which might mitigate genetic markers of chronic stress on children’s development.

Education and Relevant Experience

BS, Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Kaitlyn received her Bachelors’s Degree in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. During her time as an undergraduate student, she volunteered with the Rape Crisis Center and listened to many stories of how trauma impacted individuals over their lives. After graduation, Kaitlyn learned the importance of foundational developmental skills through working with young children who have autism; she used play-based therapy to expand their social and communicative skills before starting kindergarten. These experiences motivated her to return to graduate school to learn how to strengthen the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities in need. In the future, Kaitlyn aspires to continue positively impacting children’s development through both research and practice. Kaitlyn spends her free time knitting and capturing photos of the sunset.

Degree Program

  • Human Development and Family Studies Graduate Program