Quentin RiserAssistant Professor of Human Development & Family Studies

My research examines the ways in which birth, child, family characteristics, and public policies influence children’s cognitive and social-emotional development as well as family well-being. I am also interested in applications of quantitative research methods and study design in developmental and family sciences, and I leverage secondary, administrative, and other data sources in my work.

My work aims to inform the development and implementation of evidence-based policy and interventions at local, national, and international levels.

Selected Publications

Riser, Q. H., Rouse, H. L., & Dorius, C. (2023). Association between early income variation around poverty thresholds, income trajectories, and birth, child, and family characteristics. Children and Youth Services Review, 145(February 2023), 106807.

Riser, Q. H., Berger, L., Meyer, D., & Kamble, V. (2023). Noncustodial Parents, Instrumental Networks, and Child Support Compliance. Social Science Research, 110(February 2023), 102850.

Riser, Q. H., Rouse, H. L., & Dorius, C. (2022). Family income trajectories and early child development: A latent class growth analysis. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 83(November-December 2022), 101469.

Riser, Q. H., Haapanen, M., Bartfeld, J., Berger, L., Hakovirta, M., Meyer, D., & Miettinen, A. (2022). Maternal satisfaction with joint and sole child physical placement arrangements following separation in Wisconsin and Finland. Family Process.

Riser, Q. H., Rouse, H. L., Choi, J.Y., & Ku, S. (2020). The Contribution of Home Literacy Context to Preschool Academic Competencies for American Indian and Alaska Native Children. Child & Youth Care Forum49(2), 303-323.

For a full list of publications, see Riser’s CV.

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  • Human Development & Family Studies

Degree Program

  • BS Human Development & Family Studies
  • PhD Human Ecology: Human Development & Family Studies



  • PhD, Human Development & Family Studies, Iowa State University
  • MS, Human Development & Family Studies, Iowa State University
  • BS, Accounting, William Jewell College
  • BA, Economics, William Jewell College


Office: 4132 Nancy Nicholas Hall