Amy WashbushAssociate Director of the Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies

I am a community-based researcher and evaluator. I work with community partners to answer research questions important to them and that will help create positive social change. Our teams utilize various social science methods and engage partners throughout the research process. We pride ourselves on making research meaningful and actionable to our community partners. We support other scholars at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and beyond who care about community-based and action research.

I completed a PhD in Human Development & Family Studies from UW–Madison in 2011. As a former teacher, my research critically examined the interactions of families and schools across lines of race and socioeconomic class. Through a self-designed PhD minor in Engaged Scholarship, I built expertise in community-based and action-oriented research methods. Before coming to the CommNS, I worked as an evaluator at Kansas State University and an evaluation manager at the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.

Portrait of Amy Washbush Hilgendorf, a smiling white woman with long brown hair, a green dress, a brown blazer, and a pendant.


Office: 4257 Nancy Nicholas Hall

Phone: 608-712-5950