Drawing of the plan for the original School of Human Ecology building in 1914 on aged, yellowish paper.

The Home Management House is finished and is used for practical live-in training.

Dietetics Students in the 1940s.
Dietetics Students in the 1940s.

The new Home Management House was finished in 1941 and furnished with modern gas and electric appliances including a washing machine, dishwasher, mangle, and electric dryer. For nearly three decades, groups of senior home economics students would live in the home management house for periods of two weeks, learning to manage a household on a limited budget. Foods and nutrition experiments were moved into the laboratories in the main Home Economics Building.

The students rotated through various home management roles, from bookkeeper to dishwasher. For example, each student would serve as food manager at some time during her stay in the house where she was required to plan the meals with a budget of $1 per person per day. There were also two “lower-cost food days,” for which the food manager had to plan meals that cost $.80-.90 cents per person per day.