Drawing of the plan for the original School of Human Ecology building in 1914 on aged, yellowish paper.

The Home Management House closed. Once again, the school is reorganized into new departments; Child and Family Studies, Consumer Science, Environment, Textiles and Design, Home Economics Education, and Home Economics Communications. New dean Elizabeth Simpson takes over in 1974.

A Home Economics Communications Class in the 1970s.
A Home Economics Communications Class in the 1970s.

In another recognition of the changing mission of home economics, the Home Management House was discontinued as a live-in practice house in 1970 and was converted into office space and classrooms. Marshall was dismissed from his administrative post in 1973 and Elizabeth Simpson is named dean in 1974.

At the same time the School reorganizes per the times into five departments; Child and Family Studies, Consumer Science, Environment and Design (later Environment, Textiles, and Design), Home Economics Education, and Home Economics Communications.