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2016 SoHE Alumni Award Winners

The School of Human Ecology Alumni Awards honor the tremendous achievements of SoHE students post-graduation.

From early-career entrepreneurs to renowned scholars, the recipients of the annual School of Human Ecology Distinguished Alumni Award, Early-Career Award and Wisconsin Idea Alumni Award exemplify the indelible mark SoHE alums make across diverse fields and communities. Together their achievements cross boundaries and solve problems when others give up.  A few highlights of their accomplishments include creating a clothing line that raises awareness about important social issues, serving our own badger community by working with students and building community, and founding an educational initiative which focuses on the success of high school students.

The Early Career Award and Distinguished Alumnus Award acknowledge different stages of career development. The Wisconsin Idea Alumni Award signifies education influencing people’s lives beyond the boundaries of a classroom. Read more about the individual honorees below.

Congratulations to this year’s unique and distinguished award recipients!


stacy-igel-photo-e1470409082668 Stacy Igel, Wisconsin Idea Alumni Award

Stacy Igel is a 1999 SoHE grad who majored in Retail. While working on her senior thesis at UW-Madison, Igel had the opportunity to work with brands such as Zandra Rhodes, Donna Karan, and Else Klensch, among others. Igel credits her internship experiences as a SoHE student to the foundation where she was able to combine a love of design with real world business experience. In 2001, Igel came out with her own clothing line, Boy Meets Girl® (BMG) which is now available at many boutiques across the world. Igel lives the Wisconsin Idea by collaborating with organizations and designing merchandise that raises awareness and educates people about important social issues. For her full story, click here.

karitemkin Kari Temkin, Early Career Alumni Award

Kari Temkin graduated from SoHE’s Community & Nonprofit Leadership program in 2009.  Kari’s experiences as an undergrad at the UW-Madison School of Human Ecology propelled her into a life of public service.  In her current position as the Badger Volunteers coordinator, Kari leads the operations, quality and growth of the program, a career that blends her passion for working with students with building community. When she is not at work, Kari serves as the board president for Young Nonprofit Professional Network Madison Chapter where she has been instrumental in supporting the launch of a membership model, increased outreach, promotion, and awareness of the group. When responding to the question How did your experience as a SoHE student prepare you for your career?,  Kari recently remarked, “What I learned through my studies was practical and immediately applicable.” To learn more about Kari, click here.

elizabeth-schar-e1470411050432 Elizabeth Schar, Distinguished Alumni Award

Elizabeth Schar graduated from SoHE in 1975 with a degree in Family and Consumer Journalism. In 2009, Elizabeth Holloway Schar discovered an opportunity to work for justice that could lead to more kids graduating from high school. In the Ravenswood City School District, only one out of three students from the district was graduating from high school. Elizabeth founded the Ravenswood Science Initiative. The Science Initiative provides ideas, experts, materials, set-up, clean-up and follow-up to middle school teachers who ask for help in hosting science labs. Today, the Ravenswood City School District makes science a priority. In addition to her time spent improving the Ravenswood education community, Elizabeth has been on many other boards and committees that exemplify the life of a human ecologist, including the School of Human Ecology Board of Visitors. Elizabeth is noted for her singular passion to affect a positive impact on others, and her lifelong commitment to making a difference for children, families, and communities. See more about Elizabeth accomplishments here.