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Student Story: How Personal Branding Shapes Your Career


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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Branding

Can my actions affect my personal brand?

Of course they can! Think of your favorite celebrities and why they are your favorite. You could like them because of their loveable personality, charitable donations, and impressive work. On the other hand, other people may be selfish, and unfriendly. All of these traits can affect your personal brand and how people see you.

Be Careful What You PostWhat makes up an executive presence?

According to Finch, executive presence is comprised of one’s character, style and substance. Everyone should consider how they portray these three characteristics and how that portrayal affects them. Acting and dressing the part is generally a good start.

How can I improve my executive presence?

Seek help! Asking questions and getting advice from coworkers is a great way to improve your executive presence if you want to get a job or move up in a current career path. Along with coworkers, it is a great idea to talk to a mentor or a person in the position you wish to achieve. This way, you can get a first-hand perspective on what it takes to develop, move up in one’s career path, or get the job you’ve always wanted.

Sometimes I struggle switching from my personality at work to my personality at home, how can I remedy this?

A quick, easy way to check your personal brand across all aspects of your life is to make a quick graphic organizer. Just set up four categories- student, family, friend, and employee. List some characteristics you would use in those categories to describe yourself and compare. Find where you are consistent and what characteristics you value most and try to apply those everywhere, it will be much easier and you won’t struggle with constantly code switching.

What are some tips to help improve my LinkedIn profile?

Design your profile for the job you want to have, not the job you currently have. Take intentional profile pictures, don’t just crop some old wedding picture or high school yearbook photo. Be deliberate and intentional, keep your profile updated, and don’t forget to smile!

What are characteristics and traits that will get you a promotion?

74% of being considered for a promotion is dependent on nothing more than hard work and generally being good at your job, but that is only what puts you up for consideration. The other 26 percent is executive presence. Executive presence considers what you do beyond completing your everyday tasks and assignments by doing things such as helping and teaching others, commanding leadership and facilitating communication.

What steps can I take to begin developing my personal brand while in college?

Jon Finch explained that an exercise to start developing a personal brand can be as simple as creating a concept map with room to expand the broad categories of personal branding.  Here is an example of a useful concept map that can be personalized for individual needs.

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