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Robb Gives Financial Advice | Halpern-Meekin on WPR
Robb Gives Financial Advice to Graduating Students

Cliff RobbCliff Robb gives financial advice to graduating students on how to save money in a recent Herald Times article. He advises many of those who are starting entry-level positions in altruistic fields to look into different resources available like federal loan forgiveness and assistance programs. In addition, Robb suggests to save a portion of their paycheck if the employer does not offer a retirement plan.

Halpern-Meekin Talks Uemployment

Sarah Halpern MeekinWPR cites Sarah Halpern-Meekin, SoHE associate professor, on how Wisconsin offers lower unemployment benefits compared to boarding states.  She emphasizes the importance of lowering qualifying barriers in Wisconsin since not everyone who loses a job qualifies for unemployment benefits. Read the article here.