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SoHE News and Events: September 28-October 3

Student Loans & Relationships| Energy Insecurity | Beetle Wings & Textiles
Assistant Professor Addo’s Studey on How Student Debt Impacts Relationships

Fenaba AddoAssistant Professor Fenaba Addo’s findings in the recently published study The Changing Nature of the Association Between Student Loan Debt and Marital Behavior in Young Adulthood are being picked up by a range of media outlets, including Consumer Affairs News and Science Daily. Read more here.

Associate Professor Sarah Halpern-Meekin Shares Research of Energy Insecurity

Sarah Halpern MeekinAssociate Professor, Sarah Halpern-Meekin, shared her research on the finances of low-income families and the decisions they have to make regarding energy expenses. She explains how difficult it is for lower income families to keep up with the financial burdens of unexpected expenses and emergency situations, especially when tax season comes around. Read more about her efforts with the Wisconsin Energy Institute to relieve energy insecurity here.

Professor Jennifer Angus Published a Piece on Beetle Wing Embroidery for New York Textile Month

Jennifer AngusProfessor Jennifer Angus wrote a piece for New York Textile Month on beetle wing embroidery. Her work was posted on Cooper Hewitt’s website, discussing the idea of “nature’s sequins” and the use of beetle wings in jewelry, textiles, and other items of work. Read more about beetle wing embellishments and Professor Angus’ words here.