Exterior of Nancy Nicholas Hall in the evening, with lamps and windows glowing.
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The Dark Horse that is SoHE: Day of the Badger

What. A. Day.

The School of Human Ecology (SoHE) had a truly remarkable day on April 9. Nancy Nicholas Hall was filled with energy and excitement, our alumni and friends online from around the country shared their love for our School, and SoHE was the talk of campus and the Foundation for a majority of the Day of the Badger. SoHE held the #2 position on the leaderboard for 25 consecutive hours- just behind the College of Letters & Sciences.  Seemingly out of no where, the College of Engineering surged from the ‘back of the pack’ to overtake us in hour 26 and the School of Business squeaked past us at 10:00 PM. What a fun time we had challenging our peers to “catch up” to SoHE on Day of the Badger!

On Day of the Badger we built upon our strong reputation and grew immense excitement with our community online- all for the betterment of the students of SoHE.   Preliminary numbers show more than 300 gifts for a total of $38,915 (and counting!) were given during this first ever 1,848 minute challenge.  Our internal goal was to receive 100 gifts and $25,000 during our first year. You can imagine how speechless the team was throughout much of the day. 

Overall the first ever “Day of the Badger” day of giving raised more than $1.8M thanks to the generosity of nearly 5,100 donors, and we are proud to be part of that success.

Thank you for supporting, participating, cheering and encouraging us, sharing the excitement, and helping the School of Human Ecology. We showed not only the entire campus but also alumni from around the world what can be possible with vision, determination–and a dash of good humor.

With gratitude, your Advancement and Communications Team:

Joan Collins, Dan Dick, Bobette Heller, Cathy Jackson, Claire Mezick, Deb Olson, T3, Linda Zwicker

Thank you on Day of the Badger