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Video: Finding Your "Pandemic Purpose"

Is a pandemic the right time to think about purpose? Most people are simply trying to get through the day, managing massive changes to our employment, relationships, childcare, and other responsibilities.

But Dr. Christine Whelan, Clinical Professor of Consumer Science and Director of the UW–Madison School of Human Ecology’s Money, Equality, and Relationships Initiative (MORE), thinks a clearer sense of purpose can in fact give our new not-so-everyday a meaningful framework. In the short video and worksheet below, she demystifies the concept of purpose through a guided reflection on one’s values, gifts, and worries.

Download Christine’s worksheet here, and view more mindfulness-related resources in the work of SoHE faculty, including:

These three are also affiliates of the world-renowned UW-Madison Center for Healthy Minds, which has further resources for people managing the stressors of COVID-19.

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