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Incarcerated Parents & Children: New Book

In the United States today, roughly 1 in 25 children has a parent behind bars.

Julie PoehlmannJulie Poehlmann-Tynan, Dorothy A. O’Brien Professor in Human Ecology, and contributors to this book bring a wide array of tools for studying the children of incarcerated adults. Sociologists and demographers apply sophisticated techniques for conducting descriptive and causal analyses, with a strong focus on social inequality.

“More than 5 million US children have experienced a co-resident parent leaving for prison or jail. Although children who experience the incarceration of a parent exhibit more behavior problems, school problems, and health problems, few evidence-based interventions are available for them. This book tries to change that,” states Professor Poehlmann-Tynan.

Developmental psychologists and family scientists explore how proximal processes, such as parent–child relationships and micro-level family interactions, may mediate or moderate the consequences of parental incarceration. Criminologists offer important insights into the consequences of parental criminality and incarceration. And practitioners who design and evaluate interventions review a variety of programs targeting parents, children, the criminal justice system, and the plight of poor children more broadly.

Given the vast implications of mass incarceration for individual children and their families, as well as the future of inequality in the United States, this book will serve as a definitive resource for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers.

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