Human Ecology welcomes new faculty and instructional staff

We are excited to welcome eight new faculty and three new instructional staff to campus this fall. Each department will add at least two faculty or instructional staff members, bringing a wealth of expertise and …

Madison project helps Black women gain financial literacy, wealth (Wisconsin State Journal; Halpern-Meekin and Harvey)

Human Development & Family Studies Professor Sarah Halpern-Meekin and Consumer Science Assistant Professor Melody Harvey discuss how racial disparities in wealth accumulation are systemic and have long-lasting consequences that prevent people from building financial safety nets.

What do fathers need to be successful? (Wisconsin Public Radio; Kerr)

Human Development & Family Studies Assistant Professor Margaret Kerr explains the findings of the Wisconsin Statewide Fatherhood Needs Assessment, which surveyed 35 Wisconsin fathers about what they feel they need to be successful and healthy parents. The assessment was conducted through the UW–Madison Division of Extension.

Why are gorillas so good at dealing with early life trauma? (Wisconsin Public Radio; Navsaria)

Human Development & Family Studies Clinical Associate Professor Dipesh Navsaria discusses adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and how these relate to new research showing that gorillas, unlike other primates and long-lived mammals, do not seem to have long-term negative outcomes after experiencing trauma early in life.