Researcher Spotlights: David J. Pate Jr. on the importance of considering policy when examining people’s behavior

Researcher Spotlights are Q&As that shine a light on School of Human Ecology faculty members’ unique scholarship and research interests. David J. Pate Jr. is an associate professor of Consumer Science and Human Development & …

Eight faculty members receive promotions, named appointments

Several faculty members who recently received promotions and named appointments will return to campus this fall with added distinction. Larissa Duncan and Kevin Ponto were promoted to professor, and Margaret Kerr, David J. Pate Jr. …

One product, so many prices: Unit price, list price, ‘MSRP.’ Which one matters at the checkout? (CNN, Yahoo! Finance, AOL News and several other media outlets; Hensen)

Laura Hensen, executive director of the Kohl’s Center for Retailing, is quoted about the reason retailers may choose to display a unit price, list price or “MSRP” (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for a product.

In the news: Human ecologists share insights to improve public understanding of key issues

At the core of Human Ecology’s work is improving the quality of life of all people. In 2023, faculty and graduate students published research findings that are enhancing our understanding of key societal issues, from …

‘I felt betrayed’: Health influencers are gaining notoriety for lies and lawsuits over deceptive marketing and claims that are too good to be true (Bloomberg, Fortune, Miami Herald and several other media outlets; Whelan)

Consumer Science teaching faculty member Christine Whelan is quoted about the largely unregulated nature of the wellness industry, saying that it’s often hard to tell whether an influencer is being deceptive or a product just doesn’t work for a particular person. Whelan said she expects more lawsuits against influencers and that updated Federal Trade Commission guidelines are a “warning flag” for the industry.