Exterior of Nancy Nicholas Hall in the evening, with lamps and windows glowing.
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Whirling Return of the Ancestors in the News

The Ruth Davis Design Gallery exhibit Whirling Return of the Ancestors is featured in the UW News article New exhibit pushes viewers to connect with an African tradition of honoring ancestors. The article walks you through the exhibit describing the elaborate costumes, lively music and upbeat feel of the gallery.

Evjue-Bascom Professor Henry Drewal worked on the exhibition with 16 students. The exhibit was fully designed in only 15 weeks, and impressive timeframe for such an elaborate exhibit. Drewal has spent many years working on the arts of the Egúngún and wanted to bring a taste to the Wisconsin campus. “Wisconsin folks don’t know much about Africa and any chance they get to see and learn about Africa and African culture and African history I think is important for all of us as global citizens,” Drewal said.

The exhibit runs through April 8th in the Ruth Davis Design Gallery in Nancy Nicholas Hall. April 5-8 the art will come alive with performances and workshops by a group of Egúngún masqueraders, singers, and drummers from Ọ̀yọ́tunji Village, South Carolina.