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Community & Nonprofit Leadership, BS

Community and Nonprofit Leadership develops caring professionals to lead in the growing nonprofit sector, using outreach and applied research.

In smaller, inclusive, project-based courses, Community and Nonprofit Leadership (CNPL) students collaborate with each other and community partners. Through service-learning, applied research, and internship experiences, students impact the community even before they graduate. CNPL graduates are prepared for a range of careers that support human, family, and civil society issues such as: food and environmental justice, homelessness and rights to housing, health equity, gender equality, racial justice, community and leadership development, community organizing, advocacy, and more.

Coursework & Careers

Our caring faculty delivers education, outreach, and applied research to help prepare you for a meaningful career supporting and empowering children, teens, adults, families, and communities.

CNPL coursework focuses on four main areas; governance and management, philanthropy and service, program planning and evaluation, and communications. CNPL internships and group projects provide you with real-world problem solving, leadership skills, networking, and other resume-building experiences to succeed in the rapidly growing nonprofit field.

Careers in Community and Nonprofit Leadership

Development Managers / Fundraising Professionals
Community Engagement Managers
Public Health Associates
Annual Giving Assistants
Special Events Coordinators
Communications Managers
Volunteer Coordinators
Campaign Managers/Directors
Community Organizers
Grant Managers
Policy Analysts
Executive Directors

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Median National Salaries (U.S. Department of Labor)

$59610 Development Officer/Fundraising Professional

$73230 Policy Analyst/Environmental Policy Analyst

Community & Nonprofit Leadership Stories

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