Exterior of Nancy Nicholas Hall in the evening, with lamps and windows glowing.
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Building of Ho-Chunk structure on campus promotes awareness of Indigenous land history (news.wisc.edu; McInnes and Fairbanks)

During November (Native American Heritage Month), about two dozen campus volunteers, including Brian McInnes and Marianne Fairbanks, assisted Bill Quackenbush, tribal historic preservation officer for the Ho-Chunk Nation, in constructing a Ho-Chunk housing structure on the North Lawn of Dejope Residence Hall on the UW–Madison campus. The dwelling, called a ciiporoke (chee-poe-doe-kay), has long been a place of home, family, community, teaching and learning in the Ho-Chunk culture and remains an essential part of Ho-Chunk life.

Read the full article at: https://news.wisc.edu/building-of-ho-chunk-structure-on-campus-promotes-awareness-of-indigenous-land-history/